Monday, November 05, 2007

Voting to tax myself

Tomorrow's election will probably be a big snooze for most Summit County voters. In Akron, there are only a couple of contested races, and none in my ward. It's going to be cold and rainy, just the kind of day most people will choose to go home and turn up the furnace rather than go out to the polls to vote to increase their taxes.

Children's Services and the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board are seeking citizen approval of continuing funding so they can provide services to those who need society's help in order to survive. It seems like a no-brainer to vote for these two issues.

Issue 20 (ADM) would increase the monthly cost per tax payer from $3.50 per month to $7.53 (on a property valued at $100,000) while Issue 21 (Childrens' Services) would increase our taxes on average of 90 cents per month (likewise on property valued at $100.00).

This seems like chump change to me -- certainly nothing that's going to make me cry out in pain on pay day. And considering the work these agencies do for our citizens most in need of protection and assistance, we all need to make the effort to stop by the polls and give our support by voting Yes on both issues.


Anonymous said...

My family has been on the receiving end of the benefits of both of these agencies. The tax increase will hit us hard (it's not huge but our household budget is TIGHT) but I wouldn't think of voting against either. Those two agencies are such life-savers for the people they help.

Anonymous said...

I said we wouldn't consider not voting against. It's more that we wouldn't consider not voting for. Staying at home is almost as bad as voting against the levies.

Village Green said...

I made it to the polls before closing, and instead of a beehive of activity, it was more like bee hive collapse syndrome!

I only voted for the levies. All the candidates were running unopposed. To put a mark next to them felt silly and slightly Stalanistic. Come on people -- competition is good for the community.